Dare & Defy helps organizations and entrepreneurs define and achieve their version of success purposefully and consciously.

We look at your business operations, sales process and resources (people, skill sets, budget) to perfect the optimal mix of tactics, tools, and technologies to promote your business, grow your audience, sell more and build a community.

Together, we work on defining what makes your business truly unique, and develop a strategic roadmap and a marketing plan to take your business from where it is, to where you want it to be.


Our Approach: Human Centered Marketing

“At the end of the day, people do business with people they know, people they like, and most of all, people they trust.”

Anne Flamant

Founder, Dare & Defy

Our People 2 People marketing process is geared towards understanding you and your clients. Our goal and purpose is to facilitate the natural development of long-term relationships between your brand and its customers, from acquisition, to retention, and advocacy.

Value and growth are the driving forces of everything we do. We bring value to our clients, so they can bring value to their clients creating a virtuous circle of growth



Our areas of expertise

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Content Strategy

Website, Blog, Social Media, PR, email, drip


Search Engine Optimization & Marketing (Google AdWords)

Social Media

Organic, Paid & Community Management


Brand Visual Identity, Tone & Voice

Website & Apps

Design, Development, UX

How do we work?

In a nutshell, it only takes 3 steps:

It all starts with a spark!

Capturing a moment, an idea, a concept, an inspiration.

Play Time!

Ideas and concepts are nurtured, tested and fine tuned to grow into viable strategies.

Let’s get loud!

Strategies are implemented into campaigns and tactics, tools and technologies are selected to make some noise.

The best of all worlds

Dare & Defy is an hybrid of a full service marketing agency, a consulting practice and a collaborative of freelancers. We deliver 360° integrated marketing strategies and campaigns (as a full service agency would), while digging deep into the inner workings of your business (as a consulting practice would), bringing the people most adapted to execute on your project .

How does that benefit you?

  • A single point of contact for you
  • A vetted team of senior experts to strategize and execute on your project
  • Consistency across mediums and channels
  • Implementation of the latest marketing trends, tactics and tools as they emerge
  • We make sure to have your marketing $ go the longest way, every $ you spend goes towards developing and implementing your marketing (no account management or other hidden fees)

One shoe fits all? We don’t think so!


Marketing is a wide discipline with an infinite number of combinations between strategies, tactics, parameters, and tools. There is no one shoe fits all, so every strategy and implementation plan produced by us is unique to the specific needs of our client.


Yes to the smart use of technology


What we do constantly evolves as technology disrupts consumer behaviors, and as new platforms and tools are created. We leverage technology to make it work for our clients, but don’t let them become slaves to technology.


To build high, you need strong foundations


When building a house, you make sure to have strong, healthy foundations. It’s the same with strategy and marketing! We work on creating and consolidating the foundations for your business. We ensure you drive maximum value from organic strategies and tactics to make it easy to grow, and drive optimal results when you extend your reach with paid.


Marketing, a social science


We treat marketing as a social and behavioral science. We make hypothesis/assumptions based on our knowledge and experience, we test it, and refine it until we obtain the desired outcome.


About our Founder
Anne Flamant


Anne Flamant is the mind behind Dare & Defy. A marketing strategist with over 15 years of experience in start-ups and corporations allover Europe and North America, Anne is an expert at distilling what makes a business unique to conceptualize and implement a strategy tailored to a company’s needs and budget, no matter the industry.


Anne is an advocate for equalitarianism and inclusion. She believes in getting things done instead of talking about getting it done. She serves the community as a Board Member of the Liberty Village Residents Association.



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